Romantic Villa in Hoi An - Vietnam

What to do in Hoi An – Romantic city in Vietnam

Romantic Villa in Hoi An - Vietnam

Hoi An – Authentic and romantic Vietnam!

This tailor-town is a must-see if you want to experience typical Vietnam. See why it makes perfect sense to visit this World Unesco Heritage.

Good food – good mood

Riding bycicle in Hoi An - VietnamWe arrived at lively Hoi An after a long day trip by motorcycle from Hué to Hoi An. We were welcomed in her busy streets with lots of tinkly melodies from passing cyclists. Everywhere in Vietnam you will find people cycling, but here in Hoi An it is far most trending and common to ride a bicycle. Next to these ‘tinkly melodies’ we were also welcomed with the first good wine in Vietnam!

As a typical wine lover, it was hard to find good wines in the Vietnamese restaurants. Only in the bigger city’s, wine is more  comparable with the European quality as we are used too. In the rest of beautiful Vietnam, don’t expect high class wine. They focus more on the food or the fresh pressed juices then on the wine.

Good wine in Bon restaurant Hoi An - VietnamBut yes, in Hoi An we had finally found the first place where we could enjoy some good and cold wine.  This lovely restaurant is not one you will step in directly because it looks very modest and it is located a bit remotely. But this absolutely kind and nice Vietnamese lady made sure we could have that good tasting wine.   Ok, it was a bit of a challenge to made here clear that we ‘needed’ wine, here English was very poor, but luckily here daughter understood and arranged it. After speaking with ‘hand and feets’ you can enjoy that wine at ‘Bon Restaurant‘.  See the link for the Tripadvisor recommendations.


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Great surroundings – great experience

View on river Vy Hoa Hoi An VillasAfter our refreshing wine and handing over the bike at the motor-trip company we headed to our hotel  Vy Hoa Hoi An Villas. After the first ‘wow-moment’ we had earlier that day when entering Hoi An, we had an ‘hell-yeah’ moment when arriving at this beautiful hotel in Hoi An.  It is a very small scale villa runned by  two sisters with great hospitality. Just a few minutes away from  An Bang beach and with an fantastic view over the river.

The rooms are very clean and spacious, but most of all the pool is a real treatment. We really felt like king and queen when relaxing and enjoying Hoi An.  Because the small scale atmosphere of Vy Hoa Hoi An Villas we were very lucky to have the pool private for ourselves very often. And with the view on the palmtrees and reel good Vietnamese lemon juice we were in heaven.

Another very big plus about this hotel is the free supply of bicycles. You can borrow them to visit ancient Hoi An city or go to An Bang beach. Great service! But most of all it is very nice to feel more than welcome by the sisters. They are very kind and will give you good insider tips. Next to that they are very curious, especially when you come from Europe. When you are a couple, they will definitely ask you if you are married or not. If not and your living together (like we are), they will ask you many more questions out of curiosity and nice conversations will start. 🙂

The shoes will fit like Cinderella

Another great thing about Hoi An, and an absolute must do, is visiting the tailor-shops for custom made shoes or clothing. You can be absolute creative and the prices are astonishing. I saw some beautiful leather flip flops in the shop window,  but there was something missing. When entering the shop, they came with a lot of catalogs and we could start ‘cutting and pasting’ to design our own flip-flop. So next to tailor-made shoes, clothing and flip-flops, it is also possible to design your own clothing and get creative. 🙂

Tailor made flip flops from Hoi An - VietnamThe quality is quite good, and if you’re looking for the best tailors in town you should trust the reviews on Tripadvisor. And in comparable with European store prices, the prices for tailor-made clothing are even lower. So a tip if you go to Hoi An during your Vietnam trip, make sure your back is empty enough for some new sets of clothes. It’s really worth it. I still wear my leather flip-flops on every sunny day. 🙂

PS, don’t mind my feet. I am not exactly a “foot model” 😉

Beautiful buddha on top of a hill nearby Elephant springs - Vietnam

Magical Elephant springs in Vietnam

Elephant Springs,
a must-see while backpacking Vietnam.

If you ever have the chance to explore Vietnam by motorcycle, don’t miss out Elephant Springs!

A beautiful and scenic place in the middle of the ‘bush bush’ which will really give you a ‘wow-moment’ once you have found the place.

Yes, it is a fantastic place but it is a bit hard to find. We were lucky that we were with three persons on just two bikes, so I had the change to have a good look around to search for the ‘White sign‘ along the side of the road. The sign to Suối Voi (Suối: springs, Voi: elephant) where you had to go off road to head to the waterfalls. We nearly missed it…

So here are just some travel-tips for you so you would be able to find the Elephant Springs and don’t miss it out.

Catholic Church - Nhà thờ Thừa Lưu near Elephant Springs

Catholic Church – Nhà thờ Thừa Lưu near Elephant Springs

The surroundings are really gorgeous, especially if you can see the view  when riding a motorcycle. We were almost wandering off to much to notice that we have already seen the white signboard. The sign is also located on a spot where you don’t expect it to be. You can find the sign just a bit above a sort of Vietnamese snackcorner in that little town which is situated along the road. Also, we had more eyes for the beautiful grey and white church which stoot out in the back of this village.

So, long story short, where you will least expect it, there you can find the signboard. So once you have spotted it, don’t hesitate and take that turn!

Google location for the right Elephant Springs-turn

If you have google maps available during your trip, please copy paste below address to find the exact location of the turn.
Thôn Trung Kiền, Xã Lộc Tiến, Huyện Phú Lộc, Trung Kiên, Lộc Tiễn, Phú Lộc, Thừa Thiên Huế, Vietnam

Ok, so now you won’t miss the turn. Lucky you!
But, we are not there yet. Of course. 🙂

Once you have decided to drive towards the Catholic Church you will notice that the roads will get a bit bumpy. I think it was about 30-45 minutes more driving from the Church to Elephant springs. But during that ‘bumpy ride’ you will see also many beautiful and magical places. Sure worthwhile to take that ride.

I could talk a lot more about, but just have a look at these pics below and see it for yourself.
(Or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us)

Happy waterfollowing!


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