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Hi guys,
Very welcome to our blogwebsite; waterwefollow!

We are Rutger and Marije. A couple living in the charismatic little town Hasselt, Netherlands. A lovely old and historic town surrounded by water.

Before you go on to read all of our blogs, we would like to tell you why we do what we do here at waterwefollow.

Rutger is a fanatic fisherman and he likes the search for new fishing spots where he could catch his predator fish. In his workingday-life he is a salesman of boats. Well more exactly, a salesman of fishing boats. So he is working with his hobby almost every single day, happy him!

Marije is a food-fanatic, loving the chase after special and not (yet) familiar places around the world. In her workingday-life she is a marketing business-adviser for a packaging producer. Mostly food- and beverage related, so everyday she finds new and nice food- or beverage products on her desk.

So you could say that we both have the change to be busy with our hobbies everyday. But, how about doing things together? Well, it was sometimes really hard for us to find some time together because we are both very busy with our work and hobbies.

That is why we tried to find a mood where we could as well enjoy each other, as enjoying our hobbies. We have asked one another what we liked most of all and how we could combine it. We both love to travel towards places we have never been before. But if we go somewhere, we always follow the water. Once we see water we both get instantly happy. And near that water you will always find the other ingredients we both love:

  • Fishing
  • Lovely restaurants
  • Interesting people
  • Traveling

Long story short: ‘Waterwefollow’ was born.

We now go chasing to new fishing spots together, meat interesting people over there and go hunting for new and lovely restaurants to explore in that area. We like to share these experiences with you via our blogs.

With these blogs we hope to inspire you with beautiful places we have seen, interesting people we have met, the nicest restaurants we have visited and some nice fishing spots. But most off all, to inspire you to seek a combination / balance of live where you will get very happy about as a couple together.

Happy waterfollowing!

Rutger & Marije

p.s. our first blog about a part of our trip to Vietnam is online now:
Magical Elephant Springs in Vietnam

p.s.2 No time to read all these blogs? Then just follow our instagramfeed to get inspired by amazing pics.
All made by our Canon D3100 or Iphone 6.
Photocredit for this pic goes to: Fotografie Hakvoort
Motor-trip Hué to Hoi An

Motor-trip from Hué to Hoi An

Motor-trip Hué to Hoi An, fill the engine and go - GO PRO

Motor-trip Hué to Hoi An, fill the engine and go – GO PRO

Motor-trip to explore Vietnam, an absolute must-do!

Want to fully enjoy the Vietnamese lifestyle? Then go cruising with a motorbike true Vietnam.
Don’t feel that comfortable to go from the top of Vietnam to the bottom of Vietnam? Then try from city to city yourself or hire a easyrider.
For ‘easyriding’ see our new blog: easyrider from Dalat to Mui Né (coming soon). 

We have chosen to go by bike from Hué to Hoi An with an English friend we have met there, Tom. It was one of the best tours and experience of the whole Vietnam trip.
A nice ride of 134 km true mountains, near waterfalls, hordes of water-buffalo’s and most of all, beautiful scenery of water! 🙂
Pics can be found at the bottom of this blog.

One way rental motorscooter

We have rented a motorscooter in Hué at our hotel Hong Thien Hotel 1. It was a perfect service to select a ‘one way rental‘.
In the morning they will arrive at your hotel to deliver the motorscooters and to pick up your luggage. This is great cause you don’t have to carry your heavy backpacks on the scooter. The costs were also incredibly low, just about €20,-. After that you just have to fill up the tank (also very cheap) and you’re set to go riding the bike.

Motor-trip route from Hué to Hoi An by bikeHai Van Pass

This very populair route (also reviewed by Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson) was recommended by the staff of Hong Thien Hotel 1. And yes, it was indeed, one of the best.. Lots of turns, great views and spectaculair drops and rises on the road.

If you start your trip in Hué then you can choose between the short and long route. Go by the coast and you will have the long route. We have chosen for the shorter route because we wanted to stay a bit longer at Elephant Springs (more about the waterfall in this blog). At the day we have ride the route it was about 35° Celsius, so we were happy to have a nice cooling and long swim in Elephant Springs.

“One of the best coastroads…. in the world!” thus Jeremy Clarkson

Motor-trip view on Da NangDa Nang

When you go to Hoi An you will pass Da Nang too. For Vietnam this is a more cosmopolitan city, one of the view cities with skyscrapers. Its more modern and you will find the more educated Vietnamese people over here. We didn’t like the atmosphere, it was quite busy, lots of traffic and you will find less charismatic buildings as in ancient Hué or Hoi An. We have skipped Da Nang and followed the road next to the shore, that view was great!


Check the weather forecast before you choose to take a motor-trip route true Vietnam. The whole ride from Hué to Hoi An will take about 5-6 hours (without stops). We were in September in Vietnam, in the middle of the rainy season. Of course it won’t be much joy if you will get soaked on the motorbike for 5 hours long. 🙂

Hoi An

Once arrived in Hoi An we have turned in the motorscooter and picked up our luggage at the pick up point. Also one tip for this, make sure you will have your valuable belongings removed from your backpack before you let it be dropped of.  The Vietnamese people really throw about with your luggage, but for the rest it is a perfect service!

Want to know what you can do in Hoi An? Read the blog : What to do in Hoi An (coming soon!)